Granville at 70th

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Granville at 70th offers unbridled views and luxurious west side living

Set amid a sea of 3- and 4-storey low-rise buildings in Vancouver’s West Side, the myriad of buildings that are the Granville at 70th offer something much more unique. From glass towers with unbridled views to intimate townhouses with lush gardens, the project effectively mixes building materials and mediums to create a luxurious living environment.

Adding to the impressive mix of building materials, are a range of products from Phoenix from stunning copper and wood grain aluminum panels to glass canopies and soffits. The project also incorporates glazing products including curtain wall, window wall, storefront, windows and doors.

Project Location

Granville Street at 70th, Vancouver BC
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Featured Products

  • Copper Panels
  • Curtain Wall
  • Door
  • Glass Canopies
  • Glass Soffits
  • Storefront
  • Window Wall
  • Wood Grain aluminum panels


  • Targeting LEED® Gold