Anvil Centre is iconic centrepiece in downtown New Westminster

From conception, the Anvil Centre had a tall order to fulfill. The community arts center needed to be an iconic structure at the gateway to New Westminster’s downtown and act as a flexible space for both the art community and community at-large.

The building’s breathtaking angular design presented a formidable challenge in terms of glazing. With sloped glazing, special connection details, sloped corners, and extremely large canopies and sealed units, glazing engineers as Phoenix were able to successfully overcome these challenges. The result is an impressive centre with 18,000 square feet of conference space, a 364-seat theatre, and flexible multipurpose and meeting rooms.

Set to open in September, 2014, the end result seems to have fulfilled all of the requirements. According to the centre’s website “If you’re looking for a boutique venue that ignites the imagination, inspires ideas, and stimulates the senses, Anvil Centre is the place where commerce, culture, and community meet.”